Simpler Story

Beautiful Interactive Data Storytelling

Simpler Story is the one platform for building your story with rich and interactive data visualizations


Tell your story one visualization at a time

Scrolling top-down flow guides your audience through your data, one step at a time.
  • Create charts

    Visually explain your data with clean and beautiful charts

  • Insert maps

    Show your geographical data on a map

  • Explore cards

    Display cards with images, icons and searchable content

  • Search and Filter

    Add filters that allows your audience to understand the data in depth and in smaller bites.

Easy import and live updates

  • Copy and paste

    Just copy and paste your data to the editor

  • Import from a google sheet

    Paste your google sheet url and import the data

  • Live Data updates

    Your data can automatically updates from a google sheet

  • Handles Large datasets

    Handles large datasets of up to 100K+ rows

Explain and add context

  • Add Context

    Add layers of context with tooltips, icons and colors.

  • Highlight what matters

    Add annotations and labels on top of your chart or map

  • Upload or search images

    Add images to your story from your computer or search

  • Figures in text

    Embed live numbers that change when the readers filters the data

Publish, share or embed anywhere

Direct link

Share a direct link to your data story hosted on Simpler Story

Embed in your website

Copy and paste embed code to your website

Connect your domain

Connect your domain or subdomain

Download offline

Self host your data story on your website

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