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Simpler Story is the best platform for building your story with rich and interactive data visualizations, in minutes

Tell your story with a rich visual library

Use 30+ types of visualizations and filters to create your interactive data story

Let readers explore the data

Use 10+ different filters types to explore your visualizations. Add engagment and interactivity to any chart, map or table.

Play / Pause

Easily explain your charts

Annotate your visualization with floating texts, popups, tooltips and more. Make every chart or map easy to read by placing your main message inside the visualization.

Custom colors

Import your data
with live updates

Import from excel, google sheet, or copy and paste your data. You can enable auto data updates to keep your visualizations updated with a google sheet each time you change or add a row.

Google Sheets
Copy & Paste
Live updates

Tell the full story

Mix multiple visualization to better explain your story. Instead of trying to show everything in one chart, you can use multiple charts, filters and cards to better explain your story. You have the freedom to mix and match however you want to tell your story.

Record story
Customize design
Your color palette

Publish, share or embed anywhere

Direct link

Share a direct link to your data story hosted on Simpler Story

Embed on your website

Copy and paste embed code to your website

Connect your domain

Connect your domain or subdomain

Download offline

Self host your data story on your website

"Simpler Story allows us to easily make sense of our data, and effortlessly create coherent and interactive stories that reflect trends and form an insightful narrative."

  • Elli Gershenkroin
    Elli Gershenkroin

    Executive Director - Union of Journalists

"Simpler Story is an essential resource for research and education organizations, offering an easy-to-use platform to turn complex data into interactive, understandable visualizations. With its live data updates, customizable design features, and effortless sharing options, it allows organizations to create powerful data stories that engage their audience."

  • Dr. Asaf Wiener
    Dr. Asaf Wiener

    Executive Director (VP) of Research, Policy, and Government Affairs at ISOC-IL

"Simpler Story helps us explain investigative journalism and complex information quickly and easily with a beautiful visual display, without requiring technical experience to use"

  • Noami Niddam
    Noami Niddam

    Chief Editor - Shakuf Media Organization

Turn your data into beautiful interactive stories

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